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Posted (შესწორებული)

ერთხელ მაინც გაგვიკეთებია ყველას ეს ტესტი.

თუ არ, სცადეთ; თუ კი- გადავიმეოროთ:blush:

რამდენად ემთხვევა პასუხი რეალობას თქვენ შემთხვევაში? 



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მერი ქრისმეს ია fილthი ენიმალს :shampan:

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Posted (შესწორებული)

@კიჭარტი :boli:

როგორ სასწორივით დაბალანსებული ვარ



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ჩემი ჰაილაითები ესაა და იმენაა ეგრეა ;დ


  • Known for their idealism and enthusiasm.
  • Campaigners  are true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. 
  •  These personalities radiate a positive energy that draws in other people. But once the initial bloom of inspiration wears off, Campaigners can struggle with self-discipline and consistency, losing steam on projects that once meant so much to them.
  • they’re so sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs
  • Enthusiastic – When something captures their imagination and inspires them, Campaigners want to share it with anyone who will listen.
  • Campaigners strive to get along with pretty much everyone
  • People-Pleasing – Most Campaigners are uncomfortable with the prospect of being disliked. To maintain the peace, they may compromise on things that matter to them or allow other people to treat them poorly. And when they fail to win someone over, they might lose sleep trying to figure out what to do about it.
  • As friends, Campaigners (ENFPs) are cheerful and supportive,generous and giving. At times, however, they may struggle with a suspicion that they care more about their friends than their friends care about them.

  • Ever the idealists, Campaigners may find it difficult to accept that they can’t befriend everyone.

  • Maybe I could…fly helicopters and be an oceanographer who writes songs and cooks?” Campaigners (ENFPs) are known for having a wealth of ideas, interests, and hobbies – to the extent that they may struggle to fit everything that they care about into their lives.

  • When selecting a career, Campaigners tend to find that their main issue isn’t a lack of options. It’s that there are just so many fascinating and worthy possibilities to explore.

  • many Campaigners are drawn to careers in nonprofits, public service, counseling, education, customer or public relations, hospitality, media and entertainment, and the service industry. Jobs in social media and communications can be an excellent fit for them as well, allowing them to balance creativity with a sense of human connection.

  • Campaigners crave variety, and they love to ask questions. To maintain motivation, they need to feel as if they’re pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas. Any job that expects them to keep quiet and follow protocol is effectively turning two of Campaigners’ greatest strengths into liabilities.

მერი ქრისმეს ია fილthი ენიმალს :shampan:

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@პითონი მეც ხო გეუბნებოდი მაგარი ჯაჯმენთალი ხარ მეთქი?;დდდ

სრული ახსნა რო იყო, წაიკითხე ეგენი? : ))) ან მოძებნე ზემოთ ლოჯისტიშანი და წაიკითხე, ჩემი უფროსსაც ეგ ამოუვიდა, ვუთარგმნიდი დღეს =დ

მერი ქრისმეს ია fილthი ენიმალს :shampan:

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"I am the punishment of God, had you not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment such as I upon you."- Genghis Khan. :death:
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შექმენი ექაუნთი ან გაიარე ავტორიზაცია

დასაპოსტად რეგისტრაცია ან ავტორიზაციაა საჭირო


შეგიძლია ძალიან მარტივად დარეგისტრირდე და პოსტო



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