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Azerbaijan’s new subsistence level – one pair of socks every 75 days


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The Parliament of Azerbaijan has passed a bill in its first reading on the cost of living.

Compared to last year, it has increased by just 6 manat [$3.52], or 3.1 percent. According to experts, it is unrealistic to live on this amount for a month.

In 2021, the subsistence level in Azerbaijan was set at 196 manat [$115.3], including for the disabled population – 207 manat [$121.8], pensioners – 162 manat [$95.3], children – 175 manats [$102].

Economist and leader of the opposition Republican Alternative party, Natiq Jafarli, on his Facebook page commented on the changes in the law on the subsistence level.

“The Azerbaijani government loves ‘dancing with numbers,’ bringing statistics in line with political rhetoric. The subsistence minimum next year was adopted at an average of 196 manat, and this is calculated based on the minimum consumer basket. The Azerbaijani government has determined the minimum consumer basket on the following points:

Bread – 136,8 kg per year, or 380 grams per day (such a large amount is taken to meet the daily calorie intake),

Butter – 7 kg per year, or 19 grams per day,

Meat and meat products (all types) – 32.9 kg per year, or 90 grams per day,

Fish and fish products – 7.7 kg per year, or 21 grams per day,

Eggs – 150 pieces per year, or 1 piece for 2.5 days,

Sugar and confectionery, sweets – 16.9 kg per year, or 46 grams per day,

Potatoes – 54.8 kg per year, or 150 grams per day (also to meet the calorie requirement).

Let’s move on to consumer goods, where it is not defined by what standards the average prices are determined (for example, there is no average price for coats, shoes, etc.), but there are norms:

Coat, or other type of outerwear – 3 over eight years,

Shoes – 6 pairs over 4 years,

Socks – 7 pairs over 1.5 years, in other words, 1 pair for 2.5 months or 75 days,

Underwear – 9 pieces over 2.5 years (I wonder why 9 pieces? Why an odd number? 4 pieces of underwear and 5 T-shirts, or 5 pieces of underwear and 4 T-shirts?) In other words, one underwear or one T-shirt per 100 days.

I am not saying anything, but if we lived according to the sock-stingy norm of the government, the people would stink for a long time, or they would go naked.

Yes, since 2015, the government has also taken into account the need of families for spending on the Internet, thanks to them for this, a family of 4 people is entitled to 1 hour of Internet access per day, i.e. each family member 15 minutes a day.

Thus, by “dancing” with numbers, the government is able to reduce the amount of the minimum wage, as well as pensions and social benefits. That’s it…” wrote Jafarli.

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