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იქნებ მ & ზ არც არიან ერთმანეთისთვის შექმნილნი?


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Israeli scientists think they know why men and women are constantly squabbling over the heating control or the air conditioning settings: evolution.

They observed that just as women tend to feel colder than men, other species are split over temperature — and monitored 40 years worth of records on the behavior of bats and birds in Israel.

The outcome is a theory, newly peer-reviewed and published in an academic journal, suggesting that species stand the best chance of surviving when males and females keep their distance from each other.


“We suggest that the different temperature preferences reflect differences in the nervous system, and that just as males and females feel pain differently, they experience hot and cold differently,” lead author Dr. Eran Levin of Tel Aviv University’s School of Zoology told The Times of Israel. “And as a result of this, they often stay apart from each other, seeking different temperatures.

“It’s most common among birds and bats, for example you tend to find male bats go the higher altitudes at the top of mountain while the females are in the valleys where the temperature is higher.

“Lots has been written about males and females in various species living separately, but the explanations varied from species to species. We have observed a clear pattern among birds and bats, explaining this by temperatures, and among mice, males live in colder places than females. Our theory suggests that these and other species perceive temperature differently guided by natural selection.”


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საწყალმა ებრაელებმა ინგლისურად თქვეს? :spy: 

@Cliff Unger - ვიქტორინის სამგზის  გამარჯვებული!

მივესალმოთ! :uxe:

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