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Turkish servicemen head out for joint Russian-Turkish monitoring centre in Karabakh


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A joint Russian-Turkish monitoring center will start operating in Karabakh in the first week of 2021.

25 servicemen from Turkey have already set out for Azerbaijan, and this number will eventually increase to 60.

The Russian-Turkish Joint Center located in Agdam will analyze information about the latest developments in the region obtained from the patrols of Russian peacekeepers and through drones.

In the event of any incidents related to the violation of the ceasefire regime, direct contact will be established with both Moscow and Ankara, and with Baku and Yerevan, and measures will be taken to ensure the terms of the ceasefire.

In addition to monitoring the situation in the region, the Turkish military, within the framework of cooperation with the armed forces of Azerbaijan, will take part in activities to provide humanitarian assistance and mine clearance.

Recent hostilities in Karabakh, the largest since the last ceasefire in 1994, came to an end on November 10 after the signing of a trilateral truce agreement by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

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